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Here is the report on sled dragging, a conditioning technique used by dozens of Metroflex Gym members to get stronger and in better shape at the same time:  Sled Dragging 

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Brian, It's hard to put into words what you have done for me. I just thank God for bringing you into my life. You know this would not have been possible without your generosity. Thanks for being the kind person you are!

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TESTIMONIAL FROM BODYBUILDING.COM, the world leader in sports nutrition, has recognized MetroFlex Gym of Arlington, Texas as January 2008's Gym Of The Month. bestows their Award of Excellence to nutritional supplement companies and other industry organizations. They now set the precedent for what makes a gym worthy of the award.

Brian Dobson, a world-renowned trainer, opened MetroFlex in 1987 (during the growth of corporate gyms) to fill the niche for a true “hardcore” gym. MetroFlex Gym is the training ground for IFBB pros such as Ronnie Coleman (eight-time Mr. Olympia) and Branch Warren, as well as dozens of other top-level pro bodybuilders, powerlifters, football players, fitness athletes and UFC fighters.

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