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You are welcome to e-mail us for PDF's which you can alter with your affiliate link.  The rest of the free report must remain intact with no additional changes.  You are welcome to alter links to the main site from to your Clickbank Hoplink address such as  These links will be found in the footers of pages, the last lines of the reports, etc.

You are not allowed to change any of the logos including, but not limited to, the logo, Bullpen Marketing LLC logo, Metroflex Gym logo, or any other information.  You are allowed to change any e-mail addresses which are relevant to communicating with your customers.  All other e-mail or contact information must remain intact.

Please e-mail us for the list of free reports and we will send them to you.  You may also go to: and download them there.  You agree that you will incur all labor, software, internet, and other costs associated with properly altering and distributing the reports.  Furthermore, you agree to follow all website, forum, bulletin board, e-mail list, and other posted rules as well as all anti-spam rules; and you agree to all of the Terms of Use, Disclaimers, and other documentation when agreeing to alter these documents for affiliate sales.

With that said, we wish you the best and please feel free to reach us with questions or for assistance at:






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