Affiliate Program - Third Party Reviews Of This Information

One of the ways which you can gain further credibility in the eyes of your readers and visitors is to have independent third party reviews or endorsers.  While testimonials are very powerful in terms of how much you can convey the actual results and benefits of using the product, sometimes visitors wonder if that person is a friend, cousin, former roommate, etc.

A review from a third party, respected authority COMBINED with testimonials is usually enough to at least remove some of the reader's fear of risk.  Reviews from respected individuals, national magazines, and other sources can be very helpful in your efforts to increase click-through and conversion rates.

Third Party Authority Reviews Which You Can Cite In Your Promotion Of This Product:

The Metroflex Gym e-book and Metroflex's leg training methods were the subjects of an interview on Super Human Radio in September 2007.  You can listen to the interview here:


Ironman Magazine featured us in its June 2007 issue on page 232.  Special thanks to Eric Broser, and for more information about Ironman Magazine, click here .  This is a reprint of the article, with permission

Flex Magazine featured us in its June 2007 issue on page 232.  Special thanks to Greg Merritt, and for more information about Flex Magazine, click here.  This is a reprint of the article, with permission:

Powerlifting USA featured us in its March 2007 issue on page 20.  For more information please click here