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You have permission to use the following ads in your newsletters, on your webpages, through Google AdWords, or in your advertising campaigns provided that you follow all of the policies stated on this website and any other website on which you advertise.  These ads are offered as examples and simply to help you get started.  We make absolutely no guarantee that the ads listed below will guarantee that assist you in your earnings, sales, click-through rates, conversion rates, or any other measure.  If you decide to use these ads you agree to do at your own risk and you agree to assume all liability for their use.

With that out of the way, let's get onto the "meat" of the discussion:  focusing on your reader's benefits.  Most solid sales and marketing courses will teach you to address the benefit of your prospect; and the more you are able to identify their "core" benefits - while still maintaining professionalism - the more likely you are to succeed.  This is no guarantee, but most sales & marketing trainers will tell you that meeting the benefits has the highest odds of success. 

Features, on the other hand, are what the details of the transaction.  Remember to sell benefits over features if at all possible.  Here are some examples:

BENEFIT:  Comfort knowing you will get information that works

FEATURE:  A pro bodybuilder's specialized routine

BENEFIT:  By following this program you will get lots of smiles from attractive strangers

FEATURE:  You will achieve a positive lean body mass change of 5% or more

BENEFIT:  You will get in shape FAST!

FEATURE:  It takes 6-8 weeks to get in shape

You should get the idea.  Benefits include:  Fast, Easy, Attraction, Comfort, etc.  So emphasize benefits when you can.



If you plan on using Google's AdWords, please make sure that you know what you are doing.  Assuming you do, here are some sample AdWords ads you can use to help drive business to your website.

# 1:  

Stop Wasting Your Money

Learn the secrets that have worked

For 20 years and Mr. Olympia


# 2:

Finally Get Your Goal

Learn from the man who trains

Two Mr. Olympia competitors


# 3: 

Look Great This Summer

How to get lean, and be in the best

shape of your life.  E-Book reveals all



# 1:

This issue of (the name of your newsletter or e-zine) is brought to you by "Metroflex Gym's Down-To-Earth Guide To Your Ideal Body."  This e-book teaches you how to train like a champion, find new ways to reach ANY goal you have much more quickly, and how get the body you want no matter your age, gender, or training goals.  Learn from the man whose gym was voted "# 1 Hardcore Gym In America" by Muscle & Fitness Magazine in 2005 by visiting:


# 2:

This week's e-zine is sponsored by: 

Learn how to be in the best shape of your life from the home of multiple Mr. Olympia competitors




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