Affiliate Program - AdWords And Other Pay Per Click Help


Pay-Per-Click is a quick way to get qualified traffic to your affiliate link.  You won't have to wait weeks (even months) to appear in the search engine top listings, and you have flexibility over how your advertisements appear.

The first thing you need to learn BEFORE opening a pay-per-click advertising account, however, is to master keywords selection.  Go back to the section about keywords and get an understanding of how to select keywords.

Keyword selection is imperative so that you do not run up a huge pay-per-click bill and have no results to show for it!

Keyword research takes time, so if you want a tool to help you speed up the process then be sure to visit Keyword Elite.

You also should check out Perry Marshall's book on Google AdWords.  He explains the nuances of Pay-Per-Click advertising so that you get the maximum return for your advertising dollar: Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords)

In the meantime, here is a terrific starter guide to Google AdWords!

Do whatever you can to keep your pay-per-click costs to a minimum (less than $0.30 per click) so that you can have some "cushion" should you not not your desired "click-through rate" or "conversion rate."

There are several useful tools to use when reviewing pay-per-click competitors.  Start with Keyword Elite (listed above) and then you can get some other help with sites like

** Pay Per Click Affiliate Note:  Just make sure that you always have "relevance" in Google's estimation.  Make sure that your ad is about something to do with bodybuilding, building muscle, powerlifting, fitness, gaining weight, getting leaner, etc.  Then make sure that your keywords are related to your ad.  Having relevance makes you a "cool customer" in Google's eyes and may even help to lower your per-click costs!