Affiliate Program - Newsletter And Ezine Advertising

You can advertise or do a "joint venture" arrangement with the owners of e-mail lists related to the topic.  Find a related online newsletter (or "e-zine") and work out a deal where you can place a text advertisement in an upcoming e-mailing.

Note that you will not be able to purchase or acquire the actual e-mail addresses (along with any other contact information), so consider a "swap" or paying a small fee to get the advertisement in an online newsletter with a hungry, trusting audience.

Should you pay for the advertising, discuss the terms so that your financial risk is minimized.  Unlike Pay-Per-Click, you pay up front and hope to get clicks on your affiliate link.  The advantage of this strategy is that:

  • You know that the topic is relevant
  • You know your maximum cost
  • People may read their e-mails days or weeks later, so your ad will not go away
Be sure to use powerful words which entice the reader to click your link.  You can use words which elicit curiosity, relief from emotional pain, emphasis on how quickly the reader can solve a problem, etc.

These ads are usually short (150 words or less) so they are shorter than the regular 300-350 word article.

Your Clickbank hoplink/affiliate link would go at the bottom of the advertisement.

Here are some advertisement examples which you are welcome to use:

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