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Assuming that you have already signed up for Clickbank, you are now ready to start marketing & promoting the e-book package.  If you have not yet signed up for Clickbank go go to the Signup Page for more information.

If you think that it will be difficult to market this book, you can let go of those concerns now!  It is rather simple!  All you need to do is to put your special link (called a "Hoplink" by Clickbank) in newsletters or on your web pages in order to send interested people to the website.  You need these hoplinks so that Clickbank can properly credit your account, once a sale is made. 

Once you have signed up with Clickbank, the next step is to learn how to make your Hoplink.  Please make sure that you follow this step correctly otherwise you will not get credit for the sale.... and you even accidentally may give the sale to someone else!  This step is vital to understand, so you will be walked through it now.


Clickbank uses a standard Hoplink format:

Since Bullpen Marketing LLC is the company which owns, the Clickbank "vendor name" is:  bullpen2 (no quotes or parentheses).

So the particular Hoplink to sell the e-book package is:


All you have to do is replace the xxxxx with your own Clickbank account name.  For example, if your Clickbank name is "ABC123XYZ456789" (remember, this is a fake/example name) then your Hoplink would be:


That's all you have to do to create your Hoplink.  And if you visit the Clickbank "Marketplace" section, they even offer a "Create Hoplink" feature which does it for you!  It will produce both regular URL text Hoplinks as well as HTML Hoplinks, and each would be customized with your Clickbank name.

Remember that Clickbank uses 60 day "cookies."  These are small files placed on a user's computer which enables Clickbank to remember that a certain user visited the site previously (up to 60 days).  Please read all of Clickbank's policies as some users may erase their cookies between the time they first visited the website (through your link) and the next time they return to the site to make the actual purchase.  Bullpen Marketing LLC and cannot be responsible for any sales lost due to cookies being erased, so please encourage your audience to act promptly when they first visit the site.  This will increase the odds of your getting the commissions from the sale.

Assuming that a user does not erase the "cookies," Clickbank will track that user for the next 60 days.  If the user visits the site again and makes the purchase within 60 days of first visiting the site (arriving through your Hoplink), you will get credit for the sale.  After Clickbank fees are removed, you will receive 50% of the net sale which should translate to roughly $17-$18 (USD) of a $39 purchase by the visitor.

One final note, if you are using Hoplinks on a webpage you may wish to display the main URL ( with your personalized Hoplink as the link behind it.  To do this please consult your HTML/website builder manuals, and please make sure that you follow all rules & policies wherever you post the link.  This may make your potential customer more comfortable in clicking on the link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me and I will do whatever I can to help you.

Click here to get more information on Clickbank Hoplinks:

Thank you, and you may reach us at:




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