Affiliate Program - How To Use Blogs

First Way To Use Blogs - Comment On Other People's Blogs:

Many blog software packages allow you, as a blog post reader, the opportunity to comment on a particular post.  This is a great way to get free traffic, and possibly get indexed by the search engines, provided that you do the following:

  • Choose blog posts related to your topic.  The closer the relation the better
  • The blog comment feature allows you to place a name, e-mail address (usually hidden from the rest of the world when your comment displays), AND a field where you can enter a URL.  This is where you would enter your Clickbank hoplink/affiliate link
  • Be sure to post USEFUL, RELEVANT, OR HELPFUL comments.  The purpose of blogs is to promote discussion and a "social" atmosphere, so contribute useful content.  Yes, you simply can place a comment like, "Good post."  Unfortunately such a comment will not entice readers to click on your name (which has your affiliate link behind it)
  • Instead of entering your actual name, you can use a keyword phrase (see the earlier section).  Be smart about this
  • Remember that many times the blog owner has to approve comments before they get seen by the rest of the world and the search engines.  Therefore be sure to offer useful, relevant, or helpful comments
  • You can find blogs related to the topic by going to a list of blog directories or going to and entering this in the field:
blog: keyword phrase

You would then search for blogs where you can place comments and your affiliate link.

Second Way To Use Blogs - Create Your Own:

If you are willing to invest the time to create, add content to, manage, and otherwise maintain a blog then you will have a valuable tool for promoting your affiliate links.

Keep the blog relevant to one niche, add quality unique content, link out to sources of useful content so your visitors get value, and BE CONSISTENT.  Be sure to add useful information to your blog at least once a week, if not more frequently; and be sure to listen to the feedback of your readers.

You can write endorsements, link out to other articles you have written, upload a brandable PDF report, and even place product images such as the ebook covers you find in this affiliate section.  Just make sure that you don't make each post a blatant advertisement as your readers will leave and most likely not come back again.

Also find your blog's RSS feed.  Copy that link on a separate document and then go to various blog and RSS directories.  By submitting your link to these directories you will automatically notify them every time you make a new post (not an edit of a previous post).  Choose the relevant topic and the directories' subscribers (for your topic) will be informed of your new headline every time you make a new post.  This way you get the word out to people who are not even on your mailing list.

Also submit your RSS feed to an automatic "pinging service" after every new post.  Use,, or  It takes about 30 seconds and is free to use.  These pinging services automatically notify the blog aggregators (think "search engines" for blogs) that a new post was made.

To get a free blog, go to and get started blogging in minutes.

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