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Affiliates - Google AdWords, AdSense, Etc.


Google AdWords is a terrific way to generate traffic to your website for low-cost marketing techniques. Please consult the main Google AdWords section for the relevant & official information. In addition, you are welcome to get educated on how Google AdWords' services can be tailored to maximize your success.

You may also learn more about which Keywords to choose by doing keyword research.  Selecting the right keyword phrases will keep your costs lower and increase the likelihood that you will reach niche markets with your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads; hopefully these clicks will convert to properly-tracked affiliate sales for you.  To get started researching keywords, you may e-mail us at or you can start at any of these sources:

We will provide you with additional keyword researching sources in future website updates.

Google AdWords
  • Google AdWords
    This is the place to get started understanding & using Google's AdWords

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