Affiliate Program - Getting Started

Quick "Getting Started" Checklist

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or just want a refresher, here are the steps you need to get set up quickly:

  • Get your free Clickbank account.  If you are not yet registered with Clickbank then click here and you will be taken to the Clickbank sign up form.  Once you reach the page, you will see text saying something like "No nickname?  Click HERE to sign up first.  It's free!"  Click that link once you are there to be taken to the Clickbank Signup Form
  • Create your Clickbank referral/tracking link, also called your "Hoplink."  Once you have your Clickbank nickname, you will create your Clickbank hoplink to this product.  Here is the format to promote this product:

So you will replace XXXXXX with your Clickbank nickname.  For example, if your nickname is (in lower-case) "abcd1234" then your Hoplink for this product will be:

Be sure to test out this link otherwise you won't get proper credit for the sale.  Neither Clickbank nor any publisher on the Clickbank system can track affiliate/referral sales by any other means than a propely-constructed Hoplink.

Remember that Clickbank currenly gives you 60 days to have your visitor purchase the product assuming that:
1) your visitor did not clear or disable the "cookies" on his or her computer
2) your visitor did not click someone else's Hoplink for this product after he or she came through your referral link earlier.  The last person to make the referral gets the sale, according to Clickbank's policy

Assuming everything goes smoothly, Clickbank credits your account and will begin to pay you once you meet their payment guidelines after the first 2 weeks.  You will then get paid every 2 weeks thereafter, assuming you have referred sufficent sales and at least meet Clickbank's minimums as detailed on its payout guidelines.

  • Read all of the affiliate-related pages on this website.  Affiliate marketing can be profitable, so long as you know what you are doing!  Should you need support, be sure to join the affiliate program mailing list and keep in touch that way.