Affiliate Program - Suggestions For When You Post On Forums

You can generate some significant free traffic by posting on relevant forums and other places where people go to discuss specific topics.  Many people get started with forum posts because they are:
  • free
  • relevant
  • can be indexed by the search engines
  • interactive
You want to include your affiliate link/hoplink only on those forums which allow such links.  ALWAYS read the rules of the forum BEFORE you start posting!  Otherwise you could be banned by the moderators.

Assuming that you have permission to post affiliate links/hoplinks, be respectful and keep your affiliate links in your signature file.  Do what you can to keep the affiliate links out of the main body of your forum post.

Make sure that you do not "spam" the forum!!  Take a few minutes and browse through the forum rules, the main posts (sometimes called "Sticky" posts), and get a feel for how forum members treat any form of advertising, even in signature files.  Remember that the forum moderator wants to have people continually coming back to the forum, so he or she will protect the main contributing visitors' wishes.

Since you want to get in front of a lot of "eyeballs" go to the forums with great amounts of traffic.  Become a regular contributor to 3 or 4 forums on a consistent basis.  

You can check the traffic rankings of a particular forum at http:://  Check to find out if the ranking of the forum's main URL (domain name) is in the top 500,000 (at, having a traffic rank of # 10 means that site is the 10th most visited website in the world).  Being in the top 500,000 websites (preferably in the top 250,000) means that the forum is getting decent traffic, especially for its niche.

You also can focus on newer forums due to less competition.  Yes, you can be the # 1 contributor on the forum; but remember that you want to be in front of lots of "eyeballs" as well.  Weigh your options and choose the forum(s) on which you will contribute regularly.

Be sur e to offer helpful and unique content.  If someone posts a question and you have a no-cost solution to that person's problem, then help them out!  This is just common sense, and since your posts are archived on a forum, sometimes other forum visitors will check out your contributions.  If they see that you are helpful, then you are someone to be trusted a little bit more than other contributors on the same forum.

Do yourself a favor, and NEVER get into a forum "flame" war.  This is where people verbally challenge each other.  It detracts from the quality of the post and never helps other forum readers.

To be in front of a lot of eyeballs, reply with useful and helpful contributions to the high-traffic and newer posts.  This way you increase the chances that your post will be in front of a lot of visitors.

Be careful about getting "addicted" to the forums.  You are there to make money while contributing to the forum.  Be polite and respectful, yet make sure that you do not spend endless amounts of time on the forums. Use your time wisely.

Finally, learn how to spell!  Make your former grammar teacher proud and at least use a spell-checker BEFORE you submit your post!