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E-mail Marketing:

One of the best ways to get people to click on your affiliate link is to conduct a thorough e-mail marketing campaign.  Once you build up a respectable list of interested people you can e-mail them over and over again with useful content, articles, and links to helpful videos and podcasts.

At the end of each e-mail (or embedded in the e-mail body) can be your affiliate link to this product.

Sample E-mails You Can Send For This Product:

"Dear Friend,

Are you sick and tired of training routines from "gurus" which sound great on paper and in theory, yet never produce any results in the real world?  Did you ever drop hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a trainer who just couldn't deliver the goods?

If so, I found something which might brigthen your day!

Brian Dobson is the man credited with originally training Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, and dozens of other strength athletes out of Metroflex Gym, the gym Muscle & Fitness called "The Most Hardcore Gym In America."  You may have seen Brian if you ever watched any of Ronnie Coleman's videos where he trained at Metroflex.

He came out with a new e-book detailing his training methods and promises that readers will begin to see results in just 4 weeks.  The best part is that it is guaranteed by a respected 3rd party, so he has to deliver on what he promises.  

Doesn't that sound better than the guarantee that most personal trainers offer?  Wait a minute... they don't offer any guarantees on results!

Do yourself a favor and check out Brian's e-book.  You even get a free report on conditioning and a 7-part mini-course on fat loss as thanks for taking a good long look.

Go to (your Hoplink here) and get started now.  Brian's honesty and straight forward attitude are refreshing, and you will enjoy what you learn.

(Your name)

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