Affiliate Program - Brandable PDF Reports

What Is A Brandable PDF?

A brandable PDF is a free PDF report which you will give away to your mailing list, post on your website, offer in an autoresponder sequence, or otherwise give away (for free) as an incentive to your website visitors.  The content of the PDF is provided by us, and it helps you gain credibility in the eyes of your visitors and potential affiliate traffic.

This is also one of the methods of a technique called "Viral Marketing."

Each report is a little more in-depth than a straight 200-300 word article, and has at least one link which you can "brand" with your affiliate link.  This way if the PDF report reader wants more information, he or she will click the link (your affiliate link) and be taken to the sales page.  Should a sale take place you will get credit for the sale, assuming your Clickbank Hoplink is working properly.

These "brandable PDF" reports may also be sometimes called "free ebooks" which you give away.

Why Does Brandable PDF/Free Ebook Work?

Since the reader actually downloads the book, they are more willing to take action on the links embedded inside the report.  The reader gets good value and then should be in the right frame of mind to become a customer.

The free ebook also gives you a sense of credibility because you are giving away some (not all) free content which has value.

Do I Have To Pay For Any Branding Software?

No!  You can download the brandable software right here.

I Like This Concept.  So What Do I Do Next?

You can choose any of the PDF's listed below and right-click on the link.  Select "Save Link As..." (or "Save Target As...") and download the files to your desktop.

From there, open the PDF brander software.

Drag the report you chose into the branding software.  

After a few seconds it should prompt you to enter your Clickbank ID (nickname).  Enter your Clickbank nickname only, NOT the entire!

After a few seconds, it should be ready for you to brand.  Click the "Brand" button.

A few seconds later your report is branded.  Click "Save" and choose the location where you would like to save your branded report.

Open the branded report and click on the Hoplink(s) in the report.  Test them to make sure that they take you to the sales page.

You also may wish to change the name of the branded report to something else for when your visitors download the file to their computers.

List of Reports Which I Can Brand: