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If you have a blog on which you post regularly, consider adding your affiliate link to one or more of your posts.  This assumes, of course, that you have permission to add affiliate links to blogs.  Some hosted blogs (like MySpace) frown on affiliate links, so check their policies to make sure that you have permission to post an affiliate link.

There are several ways you can get more traffic to your blog.  Two of the easiest (and free for now) ways are using:

These services allow you to "ping" a list of social bookmarking, blog, RSS feed, and other Web 2.0 aggregators.  They will take some time to send traffic to you, and you should use them for websites other than just your own.  Onlywire takes roughly 30-45 minutes to set up as you must go to each of the social bookmarking sites they ping and set up your account with each; you only have to do this once though!  

By doing the long setup and adding the Onlywire link to your Internet browser toolbar, you can then click on the Onlywire link and bookmark any site you like on over a dozen bookmarking sites in roughly 20 seconds!  This means many more links are coming to your blog and doing this hopefully will increase your exposure in the search engines gradually.  Just don't abuse it otherwise the search engines will probably penalize you.

Also, choose your tags properly.  You would tag your blog with the appropriate keywords (tags); and your research would be done in the same manner as doing keyword research. 




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