Affiliate Program - Basic Training

Basic Training For Affiliates:

We are glad that you are here and willing to become an affiliate for this product!  Remember that affiliate marketing can be profitable if you know what you are doing.  The affiliate marketing landscape requires people to think more like a business owner, so this section will help you begin to separate yourself from the "quick buck" type of people who hop from one program to the next.

While you may want to become an affiliate because you heard that "someone" made over $10,000 last month as an affiliate, remember that such a person treated his or her approach to affiliate marketing like a business.  Start with some reasonable expectations and then go from there.  If possible, factor into your calculations that you might not make much money during the first few months until you know what you are doing.  It's ok because affiliate marketing can be beneficial over the long term!

Instead of reinventing the wheel, you will get a few free resources on affiliate marketing and some referrals to sources of information which require payment.

Each item listed will be useful as it offers solid information with people who have used the information to profitable ends.  Remember that we want you to be profitable because both of us benefit.  You send customers which would be could not obtain; and in return you make money by simply referring qualified traffic.

The best part is that you have no inventory, legal obligation, employees, or have to trade your time for an hourly wage.  Yes, it is possible that you could make money while sleeping!

Here are the recommended resources:



Keyword Elite -- this tool does extensive keyword research and tells you where there are people searching for specific keyword terms/phrases.  It also tells you if there is low-competition for that phrase.  See the "Keyword Research" section below for more information on how this knowledge can benefit you.


Keywords are the words or phrases which people type into the search engines when searching for a subject.  As an affiliate you will want people to find your affiliate link, click on it, and purchase the e-book so that you can earn your commission.

In order to get people to click on your affiliate link you can do several things:
  • Post your affiliate link on your website either as part of a review, a testimonial, as part of a banner ad, as the link behind the graphic of an e-book cover, or any other ethical way you can send people to your affiliate link
  • Post your affiliate link in an e-mail which you send to your opt-in subscriber list.  These are people who have given you permission to e-mail them.  Please be careful of spamming as we do not condone spam activities.
  • Post your affiliate link on your blog
  • Create a Pay-Per-Click campaign using either Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN, or any of the other PPC opportunities
  • Write reviews of the product and post them on forums.  Please post these ONLY on forums which accept affiliate links or other forms of advertising.  You MUST comply with the rules for each forum/bulletin board; we are not responsible for your actions or any consequences resulting from policy violations of any particular blog, forum, bulletin board, etc.
  • Send the link to your friends
  • Contribute to an online newsletter or e-zine if you have permission to do so

The majority of the best ways to find places to post your affiliate link (along with any e-book covers, banner ads, free reports, etc.) is to find out for what people are searching online.  Determining the keywords people type into the search engines is a great way to find out how to best position your marketing efforts.  

For example, if your research determines that every month there are 1000 searches for the term "ebook affiliate programs" (please note that this is just an arbitrary example as we have never researched that particular keyword phrase for the number of searches per month) then you must determine the number of competing sites which offer that same term.  

Enter "ebook affiliate programs" in quotes at (you can also do this with Yahoo, MSN, or any of the other major search engines you know). Find out the number of competing websites which feature this keyword phrase.  If the number of competing websites is relatively low (e.g. no more than 5-6 times the number of searches) than consider promoting your marketing efforts around that term.  

In this example, "ebook affiliate programs" had 1000 searches (again this was not researched), so consider targeting your marketing efforts if there are no more than 5000-6000 competing websites for that search term when entered in quotation marks in Yahoo/Google/MSN.  This will give you at least a fighting chance to appear on the first page (Top 10 search results) for that keyword phrase if you do everything right.

Being on the Top 10 for a particular keyword phrase, even if only for the keyword phrase in quotes ("(keyword phrase"), then that is great.  You will get traffic to your site based on being in the Top 10 results returned in the search engines.