Affiliate Program - About The Author

Brian Dobson owns Metroflex Gym, which in July 2005 was voted "The Most Hardcore Gym In America" by Muscle & Fitness Magazine.  Brian has trained Mr. Olympia bodybuilders (Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren), NFL athletes (Anthony Schlegel), Major League Baseball players (Cecil Fielder), Ultimate Fighters, champion powerlifters, strongman competitors, and everyday people who just wanted to add muscle and get in better shape.

Unlike other "gurus", Brian has been featured numerous times in the bodybuilding and powerlifting magazines.  Call up any editor of a bodybuilding magazine and talk to them about Brian.  The answers will be flattering because they know Brian is the real deal.

You even can call Metroflex Gym and talk with Brian if you have a question about the bodybuilding industry.  Go to to get the contact information.