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If you set up your referral link properly (called a "Hoplink" by Clickbank, the 3rd party service which handles the affiliate/referral commissions) then all you have to do is refer visitors to this site.  Do everything properly and you will receive 50% of the post-credit card fee sale.

The best part is that you do not have to contact me, have any sort of obligation, and do not need a contract with me to get started.  You sign up with Clickbank and they will handle the commission tracking, link creation, and sending you your checks.

For more information on Clickbank's affiliates policy, click the "Clickbank Affiliate Information" link in the left-hand panel.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining This Affiliate Program?

By joining this affiliate program you will get to:
  • You get 50% of the post-credit card fee.  Here is Clickbank's affiliate sale calculation
  • Offer a quality product to your visitors or anyone who clicks on your Clickbank Hoplink
  • You don't ever have to handle inventory, customer service requests, have legal complaints, ship anything, or have employees
  • All you have to do is simply refer potential customers
  • You get paid every 2 weeks provided that you meet Clickbank's payout guidelines
  • You might even earn money while you are sleeping!

How Does This Work?

It's rather simple to earn money with Clickbank, and it is free for you to join.  Once you have your Clickbank ID (nickname) then you will create your Hoplink (affiliate tracking link).  The format for this is:

When a visitor clicks your Clickbank hoplink they will be taken to the sales page and persuaded to purchase the product right away.

What If The Visitor I Refer Does Not Buy Right Away?

If a visitor does not buy right away, don't worry!  Clickbank places a "cookie" on their computer so that if they come back and buy in the future then you still get credit for the sale.  Currently Clickbank's "cookie" lasts 60 days, but always check with for changes to their policies.

Where Can I Promote My Clickbank Hoplink/Affiliate Referral Link?

Once you are set up with Clickbank and set up your specific link to this product all you need to do is promote your link through your choice of methods.  Some methods include:

  • Posting helpful information on relevant forums and including your Clickbank hoplink (tracking/referral link) in your signature
  • Posting articles on your website with your Clickbank hoplink
  • Banner ads with your Clickbank hoplink as the link behind the image
  • Ebook covers with your Clickbank hoplink as the link behind the image
  • Brandable PDF reports -- these reports allow you to "brand" a free report with your Clickbank hoplink.  You then can give away these reports to your website visitors, your opt-in mailing list, and many other methods
  • You can post useful comments on relevant blogs with your Clickbank hoplink as the website
  • You can set up a website which "redirects" to your Clickbank hoplink.  For example, you can purchase a domain called which redirects to your Clickbank hoplink
  • If you have your own website which redirects to your Clickbank hoplink, or at least prominently offers a link to your Clickbank hoplink, you can get free traffic by numerous search engine optimization (SEO) strategies
  • You can launch an e-mail promotion to your own built mailing list.  Just be sure to follow all anti-spam/CAN-SPAM laws!
  • You can conduct a Pay-Per-Click (e.g. Google AdWords) campaign
  • You can place text advertisements in targeted online newsletters, ezines, or other mailing lists which belong to related list owners. Again, be sure to follow all anti-spam rules

Give Me An Example Of How Much I Can Earn!

For this example, let's assume that every month is 30 days long.  Let's also assume that you refer enough visitors to average one sale per day (including those who come back within the 60-day Clickbank "cookie" period).  Here is what you could expect to make:

Product sells for $39
50% of the after-credit card fee sale = $17.57 (we each would make roughly this amount.  The actual amount varies by a few cents if the customer comes from outside the U.S. or pays with an alternate payment method)

30 sales per month * 50% payout after credit card fee amount =

30 * $17.57= $527.10 per month
Annualized = $6325.20 per year

Obviously there are no guarantees that you will average 30 referred customers per month (be sure to read the disclaimers and earnings statement policies on the left-hand panel); but you can make some significant money just by referring one sale per day.  

The best part is that if you place your Clickbank hoplink in front of some serious traffic then you could exceed that amount.  Since it becomes a "numbers game" at that point then here is what an average of 2 sales a day would look like:

60 sales per month * $17.57 = $1054.20 per month
Annualized = $12650.40 per year

Please e-mail us if you need additional affiliate support other than what you find on these affiliate program pages.  You also can be notified of new articles, improved sales page copy, and other tools to make your job easier.

Yes, your e-mail address will be kept private and not sold, rented, or given to any unauthorized 3rd party!

I look forward to helping you increase your business in the coming weeks and months.

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